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Why buy our MP3s when you can stream our artist's tracks via your DSP?

1. Higher quality 
2. Pay once to own the track instead of leasing it.
3. DRM free; Make as many copies as you like.
4. Off-line access; No dependency on web connectivity.
5. Add to native, off-line playlists that only you can purge.
6. Maintains the artist's financial sustainability.
7. Disempowers Big Tech that abuses artist's rights so as to forever increase profits.

After adding the MP3 downloads that you wish to buy to the PayPal cart and submitting your delivery email address at the PayPal check out, you will be sent the download link which won't expire until after three downloads [there is no time limit].

No consumer, purchase, or payment information is read or collected by EMP or by Wix.